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Views and Tips for People Managers

March 2008

Welcome to the first of a quarterly newsletter specifically designed to help people managers get the very best from their teams. In this issue we highlight the importance of integrating new employees quickly into the team, consider how to balance team support and personal deliverables and last but not least analyse a simple but effective structure for dealing with people issues.

Did you know it takes about 2.5 times salary to
replace a leaver


Related Tips

Is there a better way to integrate new people?
The speed and quality of integrating new employees into businesses is, at best hit or miss. In most cases it is left to the discretion of line managers, who may not fully realise the consequences of getting it right or wrong. With careful planning and quality delievry a real difference can be made quickly to the experience a new starter has in your business. read more…

  • Use a structured approach
  • Set clear objectives
  • Make support available
  • Use other teammembers
  • Encourage often
  • Recognise success

Why are managers reluctant to address issues quickly?
Whether the issue is major or minor many managers would rather cross their fingers and hope that things resolve themselves without their involvement. In this article we are going to look at a simple but effective approach which, if used, will build the confidence of the manager and wider team. read more…

  • D iscuss
  • I  nvestigate
  • S olve
  • C ommit
  • O versee

New Course

Actively Managing Performance

In many organisations the connection between manager and individual is lost or broken and individuals, teams or managers fail to deliver. Why this happens is often complicated and steeped in history. We have developed a 2 day event to reinvigorate managers and equip them to address the issues that hold back themselves and their team. read more…


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